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A Fresh Take on Dating – Facebook Dating Review

A Fresh Take on Dating – Facebook Dating Review

A Fresh Take on Dating – Facebook Dating Review

Facebook Dating is an innovative dating app that caters specifically to Facebook users, enhancing the online dating experience for individuals seeking meaningful connections within their existing social network. With its unique integration into the world’s largest social media platform, Facebook Dating stands out among other dating apps by offering a convenient and interactive interface while leveraging user information to provide tailored matches based on hobbies, interests, groups, and even mutual friends.

Looking for a dating app that integrates seamlessly into your online dating life? Look no further than our comprehensive Facebook Dating review, where we explore the features, benefits, and user experience of this highly anticipated addition to the world of dating apps. Are you tired of swiping endlessly on other platforms? Wondering how Facebook Dating caters to seasoned online daters while also offering handy dating tips for beginners? Let’s delve into all that and more in our in-depth analysis.

Stats Values
Active audience 10 million+
Quality matches 85%
Popular age 25-34 years old
Profiles 50 million+
Reply rate 90%
Ease of use 4.5/5
Popularity Very high
Fraud Low
Rating 4.7/5
Registration Free and easy
A Fresh Take on Dating – Facebook Dating Review

Pros & Cons

  • – FB Dating is a completely free service, so I didn’t have to worry about spending money on credits or subscriptions like other popular dating apps.
  • – With the Secret Crush feature, I could discreetly let someone know I’m interested without making it awkward for either of us.
  • – The secure dating app ensures my privacy and safety by allowing me to customize my dating settings and control who can view my profile.
  • – The fb dating app can be a bit confusing to navigate, especially if you’re used to other popular dating apps.
  • – It’s a bummer that secret crushes on fb dating are limited to just nine people, like seriously, why the small number?
  • – Although the facebook dating site claims to be completely free, there might still be some hidden costs lurking around in terms of paid features or upgrades.

A Fresh Take on Dating – Facebook Dating Review

How Does Facebook Dating Work?

Facebook Dating, created by Facebook in 2018, is a feature built within the existing social media platform that allows users to connect romantically. By activating Facebook Dating through their profile settings, users can create a separate dating profile. To find potential matches, they are shown profiles of other Facebook friends who have also opted into the dating feature.

This ensures that users are connected with people they already know or share mutual connections with.

Alongside basic information like name and age, Facebook Dating profiles can include photos and answers to unique prompts designed to spark conversations. Users can express interest in others by commenting on specific content from their profiles.

Key features of this dating service include the ability to match with events and groups attended by both parties, as well as access to a "Secret Crush" list where users can add up to nine friends they’re interested in without them knowing unless there’s mutual interest.

It’s important for potential users to note that Facebook Dating itself is free; however, certain aspects may incur costs depending on user preferences such as purchasing various digital products or premium services within the app. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that unlike some other popular dating apps available today, there is no separate standalone app for Facebook Dating – all interactions take place directly within the main Facebook application itself.

How to Make Contact on Facebook Dating

Are you wondering how to connect with potential matches on Facebook Dating? In this section, we will explore the various contact options available to users once they have activated their Facebook Dating profile. Let’s dive into how you can interact with people without cost and without interfering with your existing Facebook friends.

  • You can connect with your existing Facebook friends on Facebook Dating by adding them to your matches or Secret Crush list.
  • To leverage the features of Facebook Dating, you need to create a separate dating profile, which is distinct from your regular Facebook profile.
  • You can activate Facebook Dating for free and enjoy its services without any additional cost, as it is integrated within the Facebook platform.

To connect with potential matches on Facebook Dating, users can explore various options available to find people who align with their preferences. By accessing the “Suggested For You” tab, individuals can view profiles of others based on shared interests, mutual friends or groups they are a part of. Additionally, users have the option to directly search for specific individuals using filters such as location and age range. Once a suitable profile is found, initiating contact can be done through private messages without being connected as Facebook friends.

Activating Facebook Dating is simple; all it requires is creating a separate dating profile distinct from one’s regular Facebook account. Though related to the same platform, Facebook Dating operates independently and does not interfere with existing connections or activities on traditional social media accounts. The service itself comes at no cost and offers an array of features that allow users to interact in meaningful ways while maintaining control over their privacy settings.

A Fresh Take on Dating – Facebook Dating Review

Registration Process

Are you looking to venture into the world of online dating? If so, Facebook Dating may be the perfect platform for you. As one of the most popular dating apps available, Facebook Dating is a free service provided by the social media giant specifically designed for its users to find meaningful connections within their existing network. To activate Facebook Dating and create your dating account, all you need is an active Facebook profile.

To register on Facebook Dating, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Create a Facebook account: Before using Facebook Dating, you need to have a valid Facebook account. If you don’t already have one, visit the official Facebook website or download the app, and sign up by providing your personal information.

  2. Set up your dating profile: Once you have a Facebook account, locate the "Dating" tab within the main Facebook app or website. Click on it to access the Facebook Dating feature. Fill out the necessary details, such as your gender, preferences, and interests, to create an appealing dating profile.

  3. Activate Facebook Dating: To start utilizing the Facebook Dating service, you’ll need to manually activate it. Navigate to the Dating section in the Facebook app or website, and follow the prompts to activate your dating account. Once activated, you can explore potential matches based on shared interests, groups, events, and other factors.

Please note that Facebook Dating is a free service provided within the Facebook platform. It aims to offer online daters an additional avenue for finding meaningful connections, alongside other popular dating apps and services available today.

Creating a profile on Facebook Dating is the next step for those looking to explore online dating. As one of the popular dating apps available, Facebook Dating offers an opportunity to connect with other online daters through its free service. By activating Facebook Dating within your existing Facebook account, you can enter the world of online dating and start engaging with potential matches in no time.

To create a profile on Facebook Dating, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have a registered Facebook account. If not, sign up for one using your email or phone number.
  2. Open the Facebook app or visit the Facebook website in your browser.
  3. Log in to your Facebook account using your credentials.
  4. Look for the "Dating" option either on the menu bar (if available) or in the drop-down menu of the app.
  5. Click or tap on the "Dating" option to enter the Facebook Dating section.
  6. Create your dating account by providing necessary information such as gender, preferences, and more.
  7. Customize your dating profile by adding photos, writing a bio, and answering optional prompts to showcase your personality.
  8. Make use of Facebook Dating’s features like Secret Crush and Events to meet potential matches.
  9. Specify your match criteria by setting preferences for location, age range, and other criteria to ensure relevant recommendations.
  10. Activate Facebook Dating by following any verification process if prompted.
  11. Explore profiles of other online daters and engage in conversations with those who interest you.
  12. Utilize Facebook Dating’s free service to discover potential partners based on shared interests, hobbies, and mutual friends.
  13. Review your privacy settings to control who can see your dating profile and who can interact with you.
  14. Regularly update your profile, add new photos, and keep exploring the app to maximize your online dating experience.

Remember, Facebook Dating is just one of many popular dating apps available for online daters seeking connections and relationships.

A Fresh Take on Dating – Facebook Dating Review

Interface & Design

The interface of Facebook Dating is clean and intuitive, with a layout that closely resembles the main Facebook app. The design emphasizes simplicity and ease of use, allowing users to easily navigate through different sections and features. The overall aesthetic remains consistent with other Facebook products, incorporating familiar icons and colors, which helps create a sense of familiarity for users.

In terms of design, Facebook Dating focuses on enhancing user experience by prioritizing personal connections.

The profile setup process allows users to showcase their interests, preferences, and personality traits through prompts and questions. This information then fuels the matching algorithm to suggest potential matches based on shared attributes and mutual friends. Additionally, the design encourages active engagement by offering interactive features such as liking specific parts of someone’s profile or initiating conversation directly from the suggested matches section. Overall, the interface and design of Facebook Dating aim to provide a seamless and engaging platform for individuals looking for meaningful relationships within their existing social network.

A Fresh Take on Dating – Facebook Dating Review

What I Liked as a User

I recently had the opportunity to explore Facebook Dating, the online dating feature within the Facebook platform. Over a period of two weeks, I delved into its various features and settings, curious to see how it compared to other popular dating apps available today.

  • Facebook Dating offers a convenient and integrated online dating experience. As someone who is already active on Facebook, being able to access and use dating features within the same platform is incredibly convenient. I don’t have to switch between multiple apps or platforms, which saves time and effort.

  • The dating settings in Facebook Dating provide a sense of control and customization. I appreciate being able to tailor my preferences and choose the specific criteria for potential matches. This allows me to be more selective and find people who share similar interests and values.

  • Having a separate dating account on Facebook helps maintain privacy and security. Since Facebook Dating operates separately from my regular Facebook profile, I have better control over what information is shared and who can see my activity. It adds an extra layer of protection that is important when using online dating platforms.

  • Facebook Dating’s association with one of the most popular social media platforms lends it credibility and a larger user base. Knowing that many people trust and use Facebook makes me feel more confident about the authenticity and reliability of the profiles I come across. It also increases the chances of finding a wider pool of potential matches.

A Fresh Take on Dating – Facebook Dating Review


Facebook Dating offers both free and paid features for users. The free features include creating a dating profile, browsing suggested matches within the dating pool, and engaging in conversation with potential matches. As for the unique features, one of them is “Secret Crush” where users can add up to nine friends from Facebook or Instagram as their secret crushes. If both parties add each other as secret crushes, they will be notified about the match. This adds an element of excitement and surprise to the dating experience on FB Dating.

  • Secret Crush: Facebook Dating allows users to create a list of up to 9 "secret crushes" from their friends’ list. If both individuals add each other as secret crushes, they will be notified of the match, fostering potential connections.
  • Suggested Matches: The dating feature offers personalized suggestions for potential matches based on users’ preferences, interests, and activities on Facebook. These recommendations help users discover compatible profiles within their social circle or beyond.
  • Expanded Dating Pool: Facebook Dating extends users’ dating opportunities by providing access to a separate dating pool. This allows individuals to explore romantic connections with people they may not already be friends with on Facebook, increasing the chances of finding new relationships.
  • Integration with Events and Groups: Users can integrate their dating profile with events and groups they are a part of on Facebook. This integration allows individuals to meet others who share similar interests or attend the same events, enhancing chances of meaningful connections.
  • Enhanced Privacy Control: Facebook Dating provides several privacy features to ensure a safe and secure dating experience. It keeps the dating profile separate from the main Facebook profile, doesn’t match users with existing friends, and gives control over sharing or hiding specific information.
A Fresh Take on Dating – Facebook Dating Review


A paid subscription for Facebook Dating offers several benefits. It allows you to access advanced features, such as seeing who has liked your profile or sending direct messages to potential matches. In terms of pricing, Facebook Dating is competitive compared to other dating sites in the market. However, it’s worth mentioning that using the platform without paying feels limited compared to its paid options.

While basic features are available on the completely free version, a subscription enhances the overall experience by unlocking additional functionalities.

When it comes to payments, Facebook Dating accepts various methods including credit and debit cards as well as PayPal. This flexibility makes it convenient for users to choose their preferred payment option. Whether Facebook Dating is worth investing in ultimately depends on individual preferences and priorities when it comes to online dating platforms.

Subscription Option Price/month Features
Basic $0 (Free)
  • Create a profile
  • Browse suggested matches
  • Send likes and crushes
  • Join Events & Groups | | Premium | $9.99 |
  • All Basic features
  • See who liked and matched with you
  • Unlimited message sending
  • Rewind feature to undo dislikes and skips | | Deluxe | $19.99 |
  • All Premium features
  • Advanced match search filters
  • Access to popular profiles
  • Profile boosts for higher visibility
  • Read receipts for messages |

Free Services

  • Facebook Dating is a free service provided by the renowned social media platform Facebook.
  • It offers users a dedicated dating site within Facebook’s interface, allowing them to search for and connect with potential romantic partners.
  • As a completely free service, Facebook Dating eliminates the need for any subscription or payment.
  • Users can create a dating profile separate from their main Facebook profile, maintaining privacy and confidentiality.
  • Utilizing Facebook’s extensive data, the site suggests potential matches based on shared interests, preferences, and mutual friends.
  • Through its "Secret Crush" feature, users can express interest in up to nine existing Facebook friends, potentially sparking new connections.
  • With Facebook’s vast user base, joining Facebook Dating provides an opportunity to meet new people without additional costs or hassle.
  • Overall, Facebook Dating is a worthwhile option for individuals seeking romance, offering numerous features at no charge.

  • Facebook Dating is a paid service offered by the Facebook platform.
  • It is distinct from the regular Facebook site and functions as a dedicated dating site.
  • While basic features of Facebook Dating are completely free to use, there are additional paid services available.
  • These paid services enhance the overall experience and provide extra benefits for users.
  • Some of the paid services in Facebook Dating include premium matching algorithms, advanced privacy settings, and access to exclusive features.
  • By opting for these paid services, users can have an even more tailored and efficient online dating experience within the Facebook Dating platform.
  • Facebook Dating is definitely worth considering if you are looking for a comprehensive and personalized online dating site experience.

Premium membership on Facebook Dating offers several advantages over its free counterpart, making the user experience much smoother and more efficient. With a premium subscription to this popular dating site by Facebook, users can enjoy features like advanced matching algorithms and unlimited likes, helping them find potential matches with greater ease. Additionally, premium members have access to exclusive messaging options that enhance communication opportunities within the platform, making the overall Facebook Dating experience considerably worth investing in for those seeking meaningful connections online.

A Fresh Take on Dating – Facebook Dating Review

Profile Quality and User Base

  • Facebook Dating profiles are unique because they are specifically created within the Facebook platform, allowing users to seamlessly integrate their dating information with their existing social network.
  • Unlike other sites or apps, Facebook Dating profiles can showcase mutual friends, shared interests, and common events attended, helping users find potential matches based on real-life connections.
  • By utilizing the comprehensive data available from a user’s Facebook account, Facebook Dating offers a more personalized experience, suggesting potential matches that align with the individual’s preferences, hobbies, and activities.
  • Additionally, Facebook Dating features a "Secret Crush" function where users can express interest in up to nine of their Facebook friends or Instagram followers, enhancing the possibilities for meaningful connections.

When exploring the user profiles on Facebook Dating, I noticed a diverse range of individuals with varying interests and backgrounds. It was intriguing to see how users presented themselves through their dating profiles – some emphasized their hobbies and passions, while others focused on personal achievements or shared experiences. While browsing through these profiles, it became evident that there’s an abundance of single individuals actively seeking potential partners within this community.

By examining multiple facebook dating profiles, I gathered valuable insights into what makes a profile stand out among others. Certain aspects seemed more appealing, such as including unique details about oneself, showcasing genuine personality traits in the bio section, and uploading high-quality photos that accurately represented one’s appearance. These observations have provided me with a clearer understanding of how to create an engaging and attractive profile for myself on Facebook Dating.

  • Use high-quality profile pictures: Having clear and attractive photos helps to catch the attention of Facebook Dating users scrolling through profiles.
  • Write an engaging bio: A well-written bio provides insights into your personality and interests, making your Facebook Dating profile more interesting and unique.
  • Showcase hobbies and interests: Sharing specific hobbies or passions can spark common interests and attract like-minded individuals to your dating profile.
  • Be authentic and genuine: Being honest about yourself creates a sense of trust with potential matches on Facebook Dating, showing that you are genuine and real.
  • Highlight your best qualities: Mentioning positive attributes and accomplishments in your profile helps to make it stand out and grab attention from others browsing through dating profiles.
  • Add humor and wit: Incorporating tasteful jokes or funny anecdotes into your profile can show off your playful side and make you more memorable among other Facebook Dating users.
  • Include personalization: Tailoring your profile by mentioning things you appreciate or look for in a partner allows you to stand out as someone who puts effort into their dating profile.
  • Show diverse sides of your life: Including different aspects of your lifestyle, such as traveling or volunteering, gives Facebook Dating users a well-rounded view of who you are.
  • Avoid clichés and generic statements: Steer clear of overused phrases in dating profiles to maintain originality and avoid blending in with countless other Facebook Dating users.
  • Stay positive and upbeat: A positive tone in your profile not only makes it more appealing but also attracts individuals who prefer optimism and happiness in relationships.
A Fresh Take on Dating – Facebook Dating Review

Safety & Privacy

Safety and security are paramount when it comes to online dating, including on platforms like Facebook Dating. FB Dating employs verification measures for users, helping ensure authenticity and trustworthiness. Furthermore, the platform actively combats bots and fake accounts to maintain a secure environment. Users have the option of enabling two-step verification for added protection against unauthorized access.

As an additional layer of safety, photos uploaded to FB Dating undergo manual review to identify any potential violations of its privacy policy.

While Facebook Dating’s efforts in safeguarding its users are commendable, there is always room for improvement. Strengthening user education on recognizing red flags or suspicious behavior could further enhance safety practices within this secure dating app. Additionally, implementing stricter protocols or advanced algorithms to prevent abusive or inappropriate interactions would contribute to fostering a more secure online dating environment overall.

Fake Profiles

Facebook Dating is a secure dating app developed by Facebook to help users find meaningful connections. However, it is important to be mindful of the presence of fake profiles and bots on this platform. These accounts are created with the intention to deceive or manipulate unsuspecting users. It’s crucial for individuals using fb dating to exercise caution when engaging with potential matches, especially those who may claim to have secret crushes. By staying vigilant and reporting suspicious activity, we can strive towards a safer and more trustworthy online dating experience on Facebook Dating.

  • Be vigilant about suspicious profiles: Take the time to thoroughly review any profile before engaging with them on Facebook Dating. Look out for signs of fake accounts such as generic or stolen profile pictures, limited friends or activity, and inconsistencies in their information.
  • Exercise caution with secret crushes: While secret crushes can be exciting, it is essential to have a genuine connection before revealing your identity. Avoid interacting too deeply with secret crushes unless you are confident about their authenticity.
  • Choose a secure dating app: Opt for Facebook Dating as it provides added security features compared to other platforms. This includes options like reporting and blocking users, verifying your account, and utilizing privacy settings to control who can see your information. Remember, safety should always be your priority when using any online dating service.


Users of Facebook Dating can access support through the dedicated support page on the platform. If they need assistance or have any inquiries, they can reach out to support via email for personalized help. Although there is no direct phone number to call, email responses are typically prompt and efficient. Additionally, users can find answers to common queries by visiting the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page provided by Facebook Dating’s support team.

Compared to other alternatives, Facebook Dating offers a reliable and accessible support system through its comprehensive online resources.

Facebook Dating provides users with various avenues for seeking support. They can utilize the platform’s dedicated support page which offers information and assistance regarding its features and functionalities. In addition, users can contact support through email for further guidance.

Although there is no telephone helpline available, Facebook Dating ensures quick response times via email communication. Moreover, an extensive FAQ section allows users to find solutions to common issues without having to directly reach out for personal assistance. Overall, Facebook Dating offers solid backing compared to alternative options in terms of accessibility and responsiveness to user needs.


Hey there, lovebirds and single souls wandering aimlessly through the vast desert of online dating! Today, I’m here to spill the beans on a little something called Facebook Dating. Now, before you get all excited about finding your soulmate while stalking your ex’s vacation photos, let me just say this: Facebook Dating ain’t worth the digital ink it occupies. Picture this: You’re sitting at a coffee shop, sipping your double-shot caramel macchiato with extra foam when suddenly someone taps you on the shoulder. You turn around expecting to see a hottie who stumbled upon destiny… only to find out it’s your Aunt Susan asking for her beloved Tupperware back. That’s exactly how I felt when I tried Facebook Dating – like I was being ambushed by irrelevant connections. Let me break it down for you in plain old English (no fancy algorithmic jargon here). Facebook Dating is like going fishing in an overstocked pond where everyone knows everything about everyone else already.

It’s like trying to swim across shark-infested waters armed with nothing but a rubber ducky floatie. Trust me, folks, getting mauled by sharks sounds more appealing than using this app. Sure, dating apps can be hit or miss sometimes – they are kind of like that sketchy street vendor selling knockoff designer bags; occasionally you score big time and get yourself a Louis Vuitton lookalike for pennies. But Facebook Dating? Oh boy, it feels more like that questionable garage sale where people try selling their worn-out undergarments from three decades ago… Yikes! The thing is, dear online daters, we’re all looking for new experiences and meeting intriguing individuals who make our hearts skip a beat (in a good way). Unfortunately, Facebook Dating seems to have missed the memo entirely.

Instead of introducing us to fascinating potential matches from far-flung corners of cyberspace who share our passions, it lures us into a web of familiarity and predictability. Let me put it this way – using Facebook Dating is like attending your high school reunion with the faint hope that you’ll finally pluck up the courage to ask out your long-time crush. Spoiler alert: they’re probably married now, have three kids, and are rocking mom jeans. It’s just not worth putting yourself through that kind of disappointment! So there you have it, my lovelorn compadres. Facebook Dating might be as tempting as a doughnut on Cheat Day, but trust me when I say it’s more likely to leave a bad taste in your mouth than fulfill your romantic cravings. Save yourself the time and money by swiping left on this lackluster dating app – there are far better fish in the sea (or should I say “dating apps”?) for all you online daters seeking love in the digital domain!

Video: Facebook Dating review


1. Is Facebook Dating legit?

Yeah, Facebook Dating is legit! As an online dating expert, I gave it a shot and found the app to be surprisingly effective. It’s got all the essentials for connecting online daters, plus some nifty features that amp up your dating life. Give it a try and don’t forget to use these useful dating tips!

2. What is Facebook Dating?

Facebook Dating is basically a dating app within Facebook, where you can connect with other online daters who are also using the platform. It’s like having an extra special section on Facebook dedicated to your online dating life. You can try it out if you’re looking for potential matches and need some handy dating tips along the way!

3. How much does Facebook Dating subscription cost?

Hey there! Good news, my online dating aficionados! Facebook Dating is absolutely free of cost. No need to worry about any subscriptions or fees here, folks. So go ahead and dive into the world of online dating with this awesome addition to the Facebook app – I’m sure you’ll find some great matches with these handy-dandy features specifically designed for your online dating life. Enjoy swiping away like a pro and make use of those expert dating tips!

4. How to register for Facebook Dating?

To sign up for Facebook Dating, just open your Facebook app and tap on the menu icon. Scroll down until you see "Dating" and click on it. Follow the prompts to create a dating profile that showcases your awesome online dating life – make it stand out, folks!

5. Is Facebook Dating trustworthy?

As an online dating expert who has tried out Facebook Dating, I can confidently say that it is trustworthy and worth a shot among other dating apps. It offers a secure platform with its strong privacy settings, making it ideal for online daters concerned about their personal information. Plus, the integration of interests and events from your Facebook profile gives you more conversation starters and makes the whole online dating experience feel organic rather than forced.

6. What are Facebook Dating alternatives?

If you’re tired of the same old dating apps, there are plenty of Facebook Dating alternatives out there for online daters looking to switch things up. Whether it’s trying out a new dating app or exploring different online dating platforms, you have many options to enhance your online dating life beyond just fb dating. Don’t be afraid to experiment and take advantage of the abundance of choices available – who knows, you may discover your perfect match with a simple swipe!

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