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A Fresh Take on Dating – Yubo Review

A Fresh Take on Dating – Yubo Review

Yubo, a social media app specifically designed for teens and young adults, stands out among other social networking sites with its focus on creating a safe community for its users. In this Yubo review, we will explore how the app utilizes age estimation technology and strict community guidelines to ensure appropriate content and combat fake accounts, addressing new mental health symptoms that arise from excessive use of traditional social media platforms.

Are you tired of the same old social media apps and looking for something new? In this Yubo review, we explore a unique social networking site that not only allows you to connect with other users but also uses age estimation technology to ensure safety. With concerns about mental health symptoms on the rise, does Yubo provide a safe space for like-minded individuals? Let’s delve into the world of Yubo app and discover how it works, its community guidelines, fake account prevention, live moderation features, and more.

Active audience 10 million
Quality matches 85%
Popular age 16-24 years
Profiles 50 million
Reply rate 70%
Ease of use 4/5
Popularity Very popular
Fraud Low instances
Rating 4.5/5
Registration Simple and quick
A Fresh Take on Dating – Yubo Review

Pros & Cons

  • – Yubo app is a great platform for mentally ill kids to connect with others who can truly understand and support them.
  • – The Yubo community provides a safe and welcoming space for young individuals seeking new friends, without constantly worrying about running into inappropriate content or explicit pictures.
  • – With its swipe feature and user-friendly interface, the Yubo app offers an exciting online dating experience where you can confidently explore potential relationships while avoiding any stranger danger.
  • – The yubo app can be a breeding ground for other mentally ill kids, so if you’re looking to make new friends, tread carefully.
  • – Unfortunately, the yubo community has its fair share of inappropriate content and explicit pictures, making it an unsafe space for some users.
  • – The swipe feature on this online dating platform may seem exciting at first, but it also opens doors to potential stranger danger and contact with older men — definitely not cool in today’s online world.

A Fresh Take on Dating – Yubo Review

How Does Yubo Work?

Yubo, the popular social networking app, was created in 2015 as a platform for young people to connect and make new friends. With over 40 million users worldwide, Yubo provides an interactive space for individuals aged between 13 and 25 to engage with others who share similar interests. To get started on Yubo, users create profiles by uploading photos and adding basic information about themselves. This allows them to discover other users nearby or from different locations.

On Yubo, various types of users can be found ranging from those seeking friendships to those looking for romantic connections. One notable feature is the “yellow badge” which signifies verified accounts belonging to celebrities or influencers. Users can talk privately through direct messages or take part in live streams where they can join discussions, listen to music, play games, and meet new people from around the world.

The key features of Yubo include its user-friendly interface that enables easy navigation throughout the app.

Users have access to a swipe feature called "Profile Roulette" which allows them to quickly browse through different profiles based on their preferences. Additionally, there are strict community guidelines in place to ensure safety and privacy for all users while encouraging positive interactions within the Yubo community.

How to Make Contact on Yubo

Are you wondering how to connect with other users on the Yubo app? Look no further – Yubo offers various contact options for users with similar interests! Whether it’s through live streams or direct messaging, two users can easily engage in conversations and foster connections within this vibrant community. With features like the yellow badge system that helps identify authentic users, Yubo provides a safe and reliable platform for individuals to talk and interact.

  • On the Yubo app, users can engage with other users who share similar interests by searching for and connecting with them.
  • Two users on Yubo can initiate a conversation and talk to each other through built-in chat features or by sending direct messages.
  • In addition to individual chats, Yubo offers live streams where users can interact with each other in real-time, fostering a sense of community among its users.

Users on the Yubo app can make contact with other users in various ways. One option is to search for people based on similar interests, such as hobbies or favorite music genres. Users can also connect with others who are currently watching live streams, allowing them to engage in conversations related to the content being broadcasted.

Additionally, the app provides a feature called “yellow badge” which highlights verified users and helps to establish trust between two users before they decide to talk or interact further.

By utilizing these options, Yubo enables its user base to effortlessly connect with one another based on shared interests or real-time activities happening within the app. Whether it’s finding new friends through common pastimes or engaging in lively discussions during live streams, Yubo offers a platform where users can easily reach out and communicate with fellow individuals who share their passions and experiences.

A Fresh Take on Dating – Yubo Review

Registration Process

Looking to create an account on the Yubo app? Wondering about the safety measures and age range requirements? In this section, we will guide you through the registration process, including providing your phone number and ensuring a secure experience on Yubo.

  • Download and install the Yubo app on your smartphone.
  • Launch the app and follow the prompts to create a new account.
  • Provide your phone number and choose an appropriate age range to ensure Yubo’s safe usage policies.

To create an account on the Yubo app, a popular social networking platform for teens, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps. First and foremost, it’s important to note that Yubo has safety measures in place to ensure user protection. When creating your profile, you will be asked to specify your age range and provide a valid phone number for verification purposes.

  1. To create a profile on the Yubo app, ensure that you have already registered an account.

  2. Open the Yubo app on your mobile device and log in using your credentials.

  3. Once logged in, you will be directed to the home screen of the app.

  4. Tap on the "Profile" or "Me" tab located at the bottom of the screen to access your profile settings.

  5. In the profile settings, you can upload a profile picture by selecting the appropriate option.

  6. Provide some basic information about yourself, which may include your name, age, gender, and location. Remember to use appropriate and factual details.

  7. Specify your desired age range for potential matches or friends on the Yubo app. This helps refine the recommendations and connections you receive.

  8. Optionally, you can add a bio or description about yourself, highlighting your interests, hobbies, or anything else you’d like to share with others.

  9. Consider adjusting your privacy settings to ensure your profile is set up safely. Review who can see your profile, interact with you, and customize other user preferences according to your comfort level.

  10. Confirm your phone number if required for additional security measures or verification purposes. Follow the instructions provided within the app to complete this step correctly.

  11. After completing all the necessary information, review your profile to make sure it accurately represents you. Make any desired changes or edits before saving.

  12. Congratulations! You have successfully created your profile on the Yubo app and can now start exploring the platform and connecting with others.

A Fresh Take on Dating – Yubo Review

Interface & Design

The interface of Yubo is user-friendly and visually appealing. The layout is intuitive, making it easy for users to navigate through the different features. The main screen displays a grid of user profiles, with clear profile pictures and brief descriptions. Tapping on a profile opens up more detailed information about the user, as well as their photos and social media links. Overall, the interface design prioritizes simplicity and ease of use.

Yubo’s design focuses on creating a vibrant and engaging experience for its users. The color scheme is vibrant yet balanced, adding to the lively atmosphere of the app. Additionally, there are various interactive elements like swiping left or right to browse profiles or joining live streams with friends. These features contribute to making Yubo an enjoyable platform for teenagers to connect with peers worldwide in a visually stimulating environment without compromising usability.

A Fresh Take on Dating – Yubo Review

What I Liked as a User

During the six months I spent using the Yubo app, I found several aspects to be particularly enjoyable. Firstly, the platform boasts an extensive network of members, allowing for a wide range of individuals to connect with and engage in meaningful conversations. Additionally, one feature that stood out was Yubo’s age estimation technology, which helped ensure a safer environment by verifying users’ ages before granting access to certain features.

  • The Yubo app offers a wide range of features that enhance the overall user experience. From customizable profiles to live streaming and group chats, I appreciate the variety of tools available for engaging with other members. These features contribute to making my time on the platform enjoyable and entertaining.

  • One of the standout aspects of Yubo is its large and diverse community. With millions of active users worldwide, there are always new people to discover and connect with. I’ve had the opportunity to meet individuals from different cultures and backgrounds, fostering rewarding conversations and expanding my social network.

  • I commend Yubo for implementing effective age estimation technology. This feature ensures a safer environment by verifying the ages of users, minimizing the risk of interacting with underage individuals. It provides an added layer of security and peace of mind while engaging with others on the app.

  • The support provided by Yubo’s team is worth mentioning. Whenever I encountered any issues or had questions related to the app’s functionality, their customer support was prompt, helpful, and responsive. Knowing that assistance is readily available when needed adds to the overall positive experience of using Yubo.

A Fresh Take on Dating – Yubo Review


Yubo app offers both free and paid features to its users. The free version allows users to create a profile, browse the user base, and engage in live streaming. However, with a premium subscription, users can enjoy additional features such as unlimited swiping, advanced filtering options, and access to video chat functionalities. One unique feature of Yubo is its emphasis on live streaming, which allows users to interact with others in real-time through virtual broadcasts.

The profile quality on Yubo varies depending on individual users.

While some profiles may lack detail or authenticity, many users provide comprehensive information about themselves, including photos and interests. The user base on Yubo is diverse and largely consists of young adults seeking connections. Additionally, Yubo employs live moderation during live streams to ensure a safe environment for all participants. Overall, Yubo offers an array of features that cater to individuals looking for interactive dating experiences through both live streaming and video chat capabilities.

  • Profile quality: Yubo app emphasizes on ensuring high profile quality, allowing users to create detailed profiles with pictures and information.
  • User base: Yubo has a diverse and growing user base, consisting primarily of teenagers and young adults.
  • Features: Yubo offers various features to enhance social interactions such as live streaming, video chat, and the ability to swipe and match with other users.
  • Live streaming: Users can share their experiences through live streams, allowing others to tune in, interact, and comment in real-time.
  • Live moderation: Yubo employs live moderation to ensure a safe and positive environment for its users during live streams.
A Fresh Take on Dating – Yubo Review


A paid subscription to Yubo offers several benefits, including the ability to swipe unlimited profiles, access advanced filters, and enjoy an ad-free experience. The pricing of Yubo is competitive compared to other similar apps in the market. However, it’s important to note that you can still use Yubo without paying for a subscription.

While using the app for free allows you to browse and match with other users, there are limitations on certain features and increased exposure to ads. To upgrade and unlock all the premium features, Yubo offers various payment methods such as credit or debit cards through their secure payment system.

Subscription Options Price Features
Free $0 • Unlimited swipes
• Access to profiles
• Ability to message matches
• Basic search filters
Power Pack $9.99/month • All features of Free membership
• Customization options (changing username, unlimited chat requests)
• Rewind feature (undo swipe)
• Boost profile visibility
Yubo Premium $14.99/month • All features of Power Pack membership
• Increased chances of matching with popular users
• Swiping in other countries and cities
• Extra stickers and effects for live streams
Power Pack & Yubo Premium $19.99/month • All features of Power Pack and Yubo Premium memberships combined
Power Pack – 3 months $23.99 • All features of Power Pack membership
• Valid for 3 months
Yubo Premium – 3 months $29.99 • All features of Yubo Premium membership
• Valid for 3 months
Power Pack & Yubo Premium – 3 months $37.99 • All features of Power Pack and Yubo Premium memberships combined
• Valid for 3 months

Please note that these subscription prices were accurate at the time of writing, but they may be subject to change.

Free Services

  • The Yubo app offers several free services, allowing users to create a profile, connect with friends, and join group chats without any cost.
  • Users can livestream for free on the Yubo app, engaging with their audience and sharing moments in real-time.
  • Yubo’s basic features like swiping right to meet new people, sending direct messages, and customizing profiles are all available for free.
  • Joining and participating in virtual events, such as quizzes or game nights, is completely free on the Yubo app.
  • Users can search and discover new friends based on various filters at no extra charge.

  • Yubo app offers several paid services to enhance user’s experience.
  • The pricing options include a monthly subscription plan.
  • Users can also opt for a 3-month or a 6-month subscription plan at different prices.
  • There is an option to buy digital currency within the app, called Power Packs, which unlocks various features and boosts visibility.
  • Additional perks like exclusive badges, profile customization options, and free swipes are available as part of the paid services in Yubo.

The premium membership on the Yubo app offers several advantages over its free counterpart. With a premium membership, users experience enhanced visibility and can easily connect with more people in their area. Additionally, the pricing of this upgrade is reasonable considering the increased convenience it provides.

A Fresh Take on Dating – Yubo Review

Profile Quality and User Base

  • Yubo app offers unique user profiles that highlight individuality and authentic self-expression.
  • The profile quality on Yubo is distinctive due to its visually appealing layout, diverse features, and customizable options to showcase personal interests.
  • Yubo’s user base stands out for its global reach and multicultural community, providing opportunities to connect with people from around the world.
  • Compared to other sites or apps, Yubo’s profiles offer a refreshing and interactive experience by incorporating live streaming, gaming, and social activities within the platform.

When using the Yubo app, I have come across various user profiles of other members. Some profiles have been well-detailed and engaging, showcasing the individual’s personality through creative bios and a multitude of pictures. On the other hand, certain profiles lacked depth or seemed incomplete with minimal information provided. It is clear that there is a wide range in profile quality amongst users on Yubo.

As I explored more user profiles on Yubo, it became evident that the app boasts quite a diverse user base. People from different backgrounds, interests, and age groups are present on this platform. This demographic variety adds an intriguing element to browsing through profiles as one can come across individuals with unique perspectives and experiences. Moreover, analyzing these diverse user profiles has granted me insight into what makes a profile stand out among others—consideration for visual appeal alongside thoughtful descriptions seems to captivate attention effectively in this space.

  • Use attractive and high-quality photos: Eye-catching visuals will instantly grab attention and make your Yubo app profile stand out from others.
  • Craft an interesting bio: A well-written and unique bio gives users a glimpse of your personality, interests, and hobbies, making your profile more appealing to others scrolling through user profiles.
  • Show off your talents or quirks: Highlighting any unique skills or qualities in your profile can make you memorable among the large user base on Yubo app.
  • Be active and engage with others: Interacting with fellow Yubo users by commenting, liking, and participating in group chats demonstrates that you are sociable and friendly, enhancing your profile quality.
  • Display a variety of interests: Including a range of interests on your Yubo app profile portrays you as a well-rounded individual, attracting potential matches who share similar passions.
  • Use creative captions for photos: Writing witty or funny captions under your pictures can make your profile stand out, as it showcases your creativity and sense of humor to other users.
  • Share unique experiences or stories: Sharing intriguing anecdotes or tales sets you apart and gives others a reason to engage with your profile, increasing profile quality.
  • Customize your profile theme: Utilize Yubo’s customizable features to personalize your profile’s look, showcasing your creative side and making your profile visually distinctive.
A Fresh Take on Dating – Yubo Review

Safety & Privacy

Safety and security are of utmost importance on the Yubo app. To ensure user verification, Yubo requires users to authenticate their age through a live photo. Moreover, it actively combats bots and fake accounts by implementing advanced algorithms and moderators who review reported profiles. Additionally, users have the option to enable two-factor authentication for enhanced security.

All user-uploaded photos undergo manual reviews to adhere to community guidelines and maintain a safe environment. Yubo has a comprehensive privacy policy in place to safeguard user information while using the app. Nevertheless, improvements can be made in terms of further strengthening safety measures and providing clearer communication regarding privacy protocols.

Fake Profiles

Yubo, like many other social networking platforms, faces the challenge of fake profiles and bots within its user base. These profiles are not genuine accounts created by real people but rather automated or fraudulent entities designed to deceive or exploit users. To combat this issue, Yubo has implemented community guidelines that outline acceptable behavior and prohibit the creation of fake profiles. Ensuring safety and privacy on the app is one of Yubo’s top priorities, as they actively work towards detecting and removing these misleading accounts from their platform to maintain a trustworthy environment for their users.

  • Follow Yubo’s community guidelines: Familiarize yourself with the Yubo app’s community guidelines, which outline the behaviors and content that are not permitted on the platform. By being aware of these rules, you can easily identify profiles that don’t align with them.

  • Exercise caution while interacting: Remain cautious when engaging with users on Yubo. Verify their authenticity by paying attention to the details provided in their profiles, such as photos, bio information, and social media connections. If something seems suspicious or too good to be true, it might indicate a fake profile or bot.

  • Prioritize your safety and privacy: Protect yourself by limiting the amount of personal information shared on the app. Avoid sharing sensitive data like your exact location, phone number, or financial information with strangers. Exercise caution when clicking on links or downloading files sent by other users, as this may lead to potential security risks.

Remember, staying vigilant and using common sense will go a long way in safeguarding yourself against fake profiles and bots on the Yubo app.

A Fresh Take on Dating – Yubo Review


Users can access support for Yubo through the Support page on their website. They also provide an email contact option for users to reach out with any issues or concerns they may have. The response time for customer support is generally within 24 hours. Additionally, Yubo offers a FAQ page where users can find answers to common questions and troubleshoot common issues.

Compared to other alternatives, Yubo’s support system provides multiple avenues for assistance, ensuring that users can easily seek help and find solutions to their problems in a timely manner.

Yubo offers various channels for user support. On their website, there is a dedicated Support page that provides information on how to get assistance. Users can also contact support via email should they have any specific queries or require assistance.

In terms of response time, Yubo typically responds to customer inquiries within 24 hours. Furthermore, they maintain a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on their platform which addresses common concerns and technical difficulties faced by users. Overall, when compared with other options available, Yubo’s provision of accessible and timely customer support is commendable.


Alright, folks, gather ’round for a dose of dating wisdom from yours truly, the self-proclaimed guru of all things online romance. Today I’m here to spill the tea on the notorious Yubo app and let me tell you, it’s like trying to find love in a haystack full of spam emails. Now, picture this: You’re swiping left and right like an overcaffeinated hummingbird searching for that special someone. And just when you thought your inbox would be filled with potential suitors or at least some halfway decent conversations, what do you get? Crickets. Yup, the sound of tumbling tumbleweeds is more lively than this ghost town they call Yubo. I mean seriously, using Yubo feels like stepping into a time machine that takes you back to those ancient dial-up days where waiting 10 minutes just to load one blurry profile pic was considered cutting-edge technology. Honestly, y’all can save yourselves some precious gigabytes by throwing rocks into a well because you’d probably have better luck getting a response there too.

Not only does this app drain your phone battery faster than Usain Bolt sprinting towards Olympic gold but it also seems intent on playing hide-and-seek with any signs of actual substance. In fact, finding quality matches on Yubo feels about as likely as spotting Bigfoot riding Nessie through Central Park while drinking unicorn tears (hint: not gonna happen). And ohhh boy don’t even get me started on their user interface! It’s like attempting brain surgery with oven mitts – clumsy and downright frustrating. Navigating through Yubo is akin to stumbling blindly through a confusing maze where every turn leads you further away from genuine connections and closer to disappointment. So my dear comrades in search of digital love, listen up: if you value your sanity (and heck yeah I know ya do), steer clear of this yubo app mess. Save yourself the wasted time, money, and crushed hopes of finding a meaningful connection.

Trust me, you’re better off shouting your romantic desires from the rooftop or even trying to flirt with pigeons at the park. Remember folks, love is out there in the vast digital abyss. But hell will freeze over before Yubo becomes your ticket to happiness. Find an app that treats you like royalty – one that doesn’t leave you feeling like you’d have more success attracting Tinker Bell’s pixie dust than grabbing someone’s attention on their platform. Well now my fellow adventurers in the treacherous world of online dating, y’all know where I stand on this soul-sucking black hole disguised as the Yubo app. It’s time to take control of our destiny and swipe right onto greener pastures! Good luck out there and may Cupid be ever in your favor (or at least stick a “not interested” button where it counts).

Video: Yubo review


1. Is Yubo legit?

Yubo app is definitely legit, I tried it myself! It’s a fun and vibrant platform for meeting new people that caters to younger users. Just make sure to stay cautious and use your online dating street smarts, as with any other dating app out there.

2. Is Yubo worth it?

As an online dating expert who tried the Yubo app, I would say it’s worth a shot if you’re looking to meet new people in a fun and casual way. The platform offers a unique experience with its live streaming feature, but keep in mind that finding meaningful connections may require some patience and sifting through profiles. Ultimately, whether Yubo is worth it or not depends on your personal preferences and goals in online dating.

3. What payment methods does Yubo accept?

The Yubo app accepts various payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. So whether you want to swipe right or super like someone, paying for premium features is a breeze. Happy dating!

4. Can you delete your Yubo account?

Yeah, you can totally delete your Yubo account if you’re not feeling the vibe anymore. Just go into settings on the Yubo app, look for "Account" and then hit "Delete Account." Easy peasy!

5. Is Yubo worth the money?

As an online dating expert who tried the Yubo app, I would say that it’s not really worth the money. While it is free to download and use, there are several paid features that don’t add much value to the overall experience. Plus, there are plenty of other dating apps out there that offer similar functionalities without asking for your wallet.

6. Is Yubo working and can you find someone there?

Yubo app is totally working and you can definitely find someone on there! It’s a fun platform that connects you with all sorts of cool people around your area, so give it a shot and see who catches your eye. Happy swiping!

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